Joel's Artwork has been described as "deceptively simple and very powerful".


Joel's Artwork has been described as "deceptively simple and very powerful".


“Fully committed to the creative process”. . .

“Joel is constantly pushing himself to develop and grow as an artist. I was grateful to have had the opportunity to share his vision and provide our community with an insight into his world.”

Paul Crawford, Director/Curator, Art Gallery of the South Okanagan

“Joel is an inspiration to a lot of people and he has a deep understanding that is expressed through his art which is reflective of an interesting life story. I sensed almost immediately that his work is like breathing to him.”

Jerlee Hack, Mat & Mitre Gallery, Penticton, BC

“After all life’s successes and failures, I am ready for more.”

Joel Reid
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About Joel

Joel Reid has developed a unique art style, drawing on the traditions of abstract expressionism. His raw and emotionally-charged paintings have a graphic quality and signature of urban graffiti, but his works are more introspective. They are not specifically intended to make people feel, see, or think anything in particular, but rather to communicate visual concepts that are authentic and deeply meaningful to the artist. His works have been described as deceptively simple and very powerful.

He is most noted for his abstracts in charcoal, acrylics, oils, and spray-paint. His work has been shown in solo and group shows in Penticton, Kamloops, Merritt, and Vancouver. His main focus continues to be painting, but he has been working on other projects over the past few years, including greeting cards, prints, t-shirts and other textiles.

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Select merchandise is available for sale at the Nicola Valley Art Gallery (2051 Voght St, Merritt, BC, V1K 1R6) and the Penticton Art Gallery (199 Marina Way, Penticton, BC, V2A 1H5). You may also contact Joel directly if you are interested in purchasing any of his original artwork contact Joel here.

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